What we can do for you

Our team consists of senior and experienced engineers that can adapt to almost any software development need. Even if your needs are not listed below, get in touch to see if we can help you out.

Mobile development

We specialize in native mobile apps for iOS and Android. With experience in professional apps in both stores, we can create high-quality apps for almost any need.

Backend development

Clean APIs and reliable backends is our fixation. Our secret is keeping things simple and performant; never more complex than they need to be.


Our love for automation and analytic skills is met in fintech. We have a strong interest and we are eager to speak to you if you want to work with us in this area.

Paid for Stripe

Accept card payments today

Our simple to use app available for iOS and Android for accepting card payments with just your phone.

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Rock and Null

Tech, software, and whatever comes to mind

Our popular among software developers blog focusing on mobile development and software engineering best practices.

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Tools to grow your mobile apps

Our tool to distribute promo codes, gather user feedback, reach users looking for new apps, and more.

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Interested in working with us?

We have experience in large-scale mobile apps with thousands of users.
We treat user interaction and experience as a first-class citizen.
Our back-end and front-end software is well-structured, scallable and following best-practices for each discipline.

Get in touch for details on our experience.