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Staring won't change anything

Thoughts Jul 1, 2020

The peak of the excitement for every new (side) project is just before releasing it.

All the positive scenarios in your head have accumulated at that point.  Euphoria is filling you. You are just moments away from releasing your thing into the wild. And as soon as you do that, flocks of (excited) users will come to use your product.

I mean, it must be this way, right? You've read about this story countless times in those "How I made XXX monthly recurring income from my SaaS" articles. You did your basic market / competition / price research and you've build your MVP.

Now you've finally released that MVP into the wild. Time to validate that idea! You know exactly what you are looking. You know the experiments you want to conduct. You know how to read your metrics dashboard.

But the users are not there. You can't validate or experiment when you have no users.

And since you like data, but you don't like that zero you see, you just go search for a different metric. Maybe that one, isn't zero. If that's zero as well, what about a completely different one?

You waste your time searching for non-zeros, when there are no any. In reality, when you launched, you didn't finish. You just started.

Now stop staring those stats. They won't change by looking at them.

Back to work.

P.S. Maybe some marketing work?


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